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Hope your summer is off to a great start and all is well in phoenix!. We are intrigued by the love and support we get from our readers. This makes us put in more and more zeal to bring to you the information which is the best for your health. Our magazine is a conveyance of the latest news and facts in the health and fitness sector.

A Health Place magazine covers diverse aspects such as physical health, holistic health, mental health, Ayurveda, pet care, sexual health, women’s hygiene, and many more. This month we have added a new spectrum, hospice care This e-magazine provides plentiful insights into the health sector.

In this edition, along with covering eleven categories, we also have a very special interview, Makayla Rogerson is a fitness enthusiast and trainer who shared her gym and pregnancy journey. She has some great advice and some of the most important information for anyone who’s ready to hit the gym. Read the entire interview to make it useful to you.

Our aim at A Health Place is to make health details, facts, news, and myths delivered accurately to our readers. Each article that you read is the result of the efforts done at groundwork by our team,

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