Welcome back to another edition of A Health Place. As this New Year begins, we are reflecting more closely on how the last year went and what our goals should be for this year. I guess we can all agree that the situations were better after the dangers of coronavirus finally died down this past year. But there’s something else that we must focus very much on.

The last couple of years have forced people to live in solitary and sometimes go months without having any face-to-face contact with their elders, family members, and loved ones. In these tricky and scary times, it becomes easier to fall prey to harmful and life-threatening habits.

Abuse of drugs and alcohol has seen a significant spike in the last couple of years. We dedicate this month’s edition to this crucial topic. We have addressed various risks and later repercussions of such dangerous activities in this month’s edition.

As we begin a new year, we must focus our energy and soul on achieving better health in every viable way, mentally, physically, and emotionally. We should only take good habits with us this year and write a magnificent future for us.

Best wishes for 2023,

Team – A Health Place.

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