Dear Readers,

Welcome to the 10th edition of “A Health Place” Magazine.
A health place was created post pandemic to assist our audience globally with easy-to-understand health and fitness tips, which are easy to follow, along with sharing the information of various, mental, and physical health issues and diseases.

We try our best to provide verified information, research based upon various sources and present it in a very simple to understand languages.
Here with the 10th edition, we have focused on the facts that we publish the best of our readers needs.

From our next edition, we are also going to take submissions on our website for articles and suggestions or health and fitness tips that worked for you which can be a new section called the readers corner on our magazine.
Additionally, we will also ensure the magazine covers interviews of doctors and medical professionals to guide our readers with physical and mental health issues from our 12th edition. Where doctors and recognized professionals across the world can share their professional opinions on the questions of the public.

We aspire to keep you engaged and informed, while you turn through the pages of A Health Place magazine. Our team wishes you a great health and a lovely month ahead!

Happy Reading!

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